Cladiators Systems


Interior & Exterior Wall Panel Systems.

Base Attachment

The Base attachment has been designed to accommodate expansion and contraction of the ACM panels and avoids oil-canning.

Cladiators Calor Base attachment secures two panels without requiring a routed return.

Base Finishing Cap

Base finishing cap fits the cladiators exterior base attachment,and is painted with a kynar™ finish to match the ACM panels. Custom finish available, please contact us for details.

Exterior Base Attachment with Thermal Washer and Exterior Base Attachment Finishing Cap.

Starter Attachment

Starter Attachment secures a single panel without the need for a routed return, saving material costs and drastically reducing the fabrication and installation time.

Exterior Starter Finishing Cap

Exterior Starter Finishing Cap fits the Cladiators Exterior Starter Attachment and is painted with a Kynar™ finish to match the ACM panels.

Stiffener Base

The Stiffener Base secures to the wall.

Stiffener Slide

The Stiffener Slide then inserts into the Stiffener Base. The Stiffener Slide can then adjust horizontally and vertically within the Stiffener Base.

Stiffener Base and Stiffener Slide

The Stiffener Slide includes an affixed strip of 3M Architectural VHB tape that will adhere to the underside of the panel. The panel is then able to adjust within the limits of the Stiffener Base.

Thermal Washer

Cladiators Thermal Washer is used to secure Calor Finishing Caps onto Cladiators Attachments.