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What is Cladiators Calor?
Cladiators is a revolutionary new attachment system for exterior and interior wall cladding. The Calor product line features a pressure-equalized rainscreen complete with Kynar painted finishing strips that match the panels and completely cover the attachment joints, delivering a clean, complete installation. Rainscreens can be enhanced by a patented thermal break pads and insulated channel systems, delivering the most energy efficient wall cladding solution available.
What colors does Calor come in?
Cladiators Calor is available in eight standard colors but is available to match any color.
What are they made of?
Cladiators attachment systems are made from 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy. Follow the links to learn more:

Data Sheet

Where are Cladiators made?
All Cladiators attachment systems are fabricated in the United States of America.
What is the warranty?
Cladiators products have a 20-year Kynar warranty.
How much do Cladiators cost?
Cladiators can save you money. Prices for each component and the entire systems are listed on the products page. If you have a large job, contact Cladiators for a quote today.
How do I maintain Cladiators?
Cladiators attachment and thermal systems require NO maintenance for the life of the building. To maintain the bright clean look of ACM, simply wash with fresh water once every six months (or more frequently in a high salt environment).
What products are available?
Cladiators offers two standard panel sizes Half Sheet (62×98) and Full Sheet (62×196) as well as attachments, finishing strips, hat and Z channels, thermal break pads, and more for a complete system.
What are the benefits of Cladiators?
Cladiators attachment systems, rainscreens and finishing strips can save you time and money through easy installation while enhancing thermal performance.
What is ACM?
ACM stands for Aluminum Composite Material and is sometimes referred to as Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) or Metal Composite Material (MCM).  ACM consists of two very thin sheets of aluminum material that sandwich a polyethylene core and referred to as sheet that may be cut into panels. ACM panels need to be secured in attachment systems that are secured to the interior or exterior of a building. Click here to read more about
Have Cladiators been tested?
The attachment systems are independently tested according to established standards (ASTM, NFPA). More information coming soon. For full test results, click here.
How do I get Cladiators?
Cladiators is offered exclusively through American distribution partner Acpexpress. You can purchase them online here.
Do Cladiators products contribute to green building?
ACM material is inherently green. Additionally, Cladiators is manufactured in the United States, it reduces waste and can be recycled, plus the thermal system has many green benefits.
Where has it been installed?
Please check out our project gallery.